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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is unique about Lend A Hand of Boulder City?

We serve the residents of Boulder City which is a quaint small town of 15,000 residents near Las Vegas. Our mission is to improve the quality of life for seniors (60+) and disabled by providing escorted transportation and in home services. Our service providers are trained volunteers from the community who donate their time and service. Drivers stay with our clients (if requested) and bring them safely home. Most of our clients are low income who can afford our service because we are donation-based, we do not charge a fee for service. LAHBC provides compassionate help by friendly caring people.

Why should I trust Lend A Hand of Boulder City?

Our staff and volunteer service providers are Boulder City residents who care about the community. All are carefully screened (including police background checks) and trained. We receive feedback from clients and the community about our service, and we carefully pair our service providers with client needs. The Board of Trustees and the Program Director welcome feedback. Lend A Hand of Boulder City has served the community for 25 years and is respected in Boulder City.

Are your services limited to seniors?

We serve seniors 60 years of age and older. We also serve disabled residents who are younger than 60 years of age.

Can I contract for your services from a remote location as I live in a different city from the person needing care?

Yes. We have clients whose relatives live elsewhere and make the arrangements for care. With the client and family's agreement, we can keep all informed. Relatives often provide information and donations to Lend A Hand of Boulder City on behalf of the clients.

What hours are you open?

Our office hours are 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday (except holidays.)

What are your service hours?

Most services are provided during week day "business" hours; however, sometimes clients need assistance early mornings, evenings, or weekends. We attempt to provide the needed service.

How can I reach you after business hours?

Our telephone answering machine accepts calls at all hours. We check messages evenings and weekends. Service requests will be processed on the next business day.

Who pays your caregivers?

Our service providers are volunteers; they do not receive pay.

What does it cost for services?

LAHBC is a donation-based organization. Our volunteers offer envelopes to the clients to use if they choose to make donations or write comments.

What if I have a Title VI Complaint?

Lend A Hand operates its programs and services without regard to race, color, and national origin in accordance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act. Any person who believes she or he has been aggrieved by any unlawful discriminatory practice under Title VI may file a complaint with Lend A Hand of Boulder City. More information about the Title VI Complaint Procedure is available by clicking here.

Donation Questions

Why should I donate to Lend A Hand of Boulder City?

LAHBC is a respected Boulder City non-profit organization created by and run by residents committed to helping over 400 seniors and disabled residents each year. The majority of clients are low income. Donations help fund client transportation costs, provide staff time to schedule services, provide telephone reassurance, provide volunteer training, purchase equipment and supplies to operate the program. Without donations, we couldn't provide these services.

How can I donate?

To donate on-line, click the "Donation" button on our website and fill out the form. Donations will be processed through PayPal and will be deposited in our account. Or, to send a check to our mailing address: Lend A Hand of Boulder City, 400 Utah Street, Boulder City NV 89005. Or, if you'd like, call the office and stop by.

Where do you get your donations?

Donations come from individuals who appreciate what we do. Community organizations (such as those represented on our Board of Trustees) are also generous donors. We are honored when Lend A Hand of Boulder City is named for funeral memorials; and some residents make bequests to Lend A Hand of Boulder City.

How do I get acknowledgement of my donation?

We send a letter of thanks for donatons. For memorials we send letters to the donors and a list of donations to the family of the deceased. Grants and sponsorships may receive additional recognition.

I appreciate what Lend A Hand of Boulder City does, can I include LAHBC in my will?

Yes, LAHBC is appreciative of bequests. Ask your attorney to include Lend A Hand of Boulder City.

Services Questions

How do I know I'm eligible for services?

If you are a Boulder City resident who is 60 years of age or older, or if you are younger than 60 and disabled, you are eligible to request an appointment with our staff to see if our services match your needs. When you sign an agreement for service, you are eligible to request services.

Who provides the services?

Services are provided by volunteers who are screened for security and receive initial training about program requirements, senior needs, and how to effectively serve the clients. Refresher training is provided annually.

What is the minimum time for a call?

Generally we plan for an hour as minimum, but some things such as changing a light bulb can take less time.

Transportation Questions

Will you transport for any kind of needs?

Our transportation priority is for required medical appointments and basic needs such as grocery shopping. We also understand the value of other errands, and have drivers who gladly transport for a variety of needs.

How does pick up and drop off for appointments work?

When the client calls to schedule an appointment, the office staff locates a volunteer to drive and telephones the client with the volunteer's name and pick up time. The volunteer may telephone the client to confirm and verify the details. Depending on what the visit requires, the driver will stay with the client or return at the designated time to provide the return trip.

Do you take wheelchairs?

We are able to transport people who can transfer from wheelchair to vehicle. When requesting transportation, it's important to let the staff know you have a wheelchair and the size of the chair, so we can be sure the driver's vehicle can accommodate it.

How far can you travel for appointments?

We have some drivers who will transport anywhere in the Las Vegas Valley from Boulder City.

How much notice is required to schedule a ride?

We require five (5) business days lead time to schedule transportation so that we can match the client's needs with a driver and then confirm with the client. Every attempt will be made to accommodate each request.

Do you take emergencies?

In urgent cases we will do our best to schedule a driver on short notice, but we cannot guarantee. For true emergencies, call 911.

Why should I use Lend A Hand of Boulder City instead of other services?

LAHBC is a donation based service available to Boulder City residents 60 years or older, or disabled, who need assistance to remain independent at home. We have no set fees for service and no minimum number of hours. We are often the only service alternative for lower income residents.

Some in-home services such as changing a light bulb only take a few minutes, while transportation to medical appointments can take hours. Lend A Hand of Boulder City can save the clients money for transportation to medical appointments—a taxi ride to Las Vegas can cost $90 one way, while a donation to Lend A Hand of Boulder City is at the client's discretion. Our volunteers care about our clients enough to volunteer their time to help as needed.

Equipment Questions

What kind of equipment do you have?

We usually have walkers, wheelchairs, shower chairs, toilet chairs, canes, and transfer chairs.

Do you accept donated equipment?

We appreciate donations because this saves everyone money and inconvenience.

How can I get equipment?

Call 294-2363 during office hours to verify we have what you need and arrange a time to pick it up. There is no charge for borrowing equipment and it may be kept as long as needed. If necessary, we can arrange for delivery within Boulder City.

How can I return equipment?

Bring the equipment to the Lend A Hand of Boulder City office at 400 Utah Street, Boulder City, on Monday – Friday (except holidays) between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. Or if necessary, call 294-2363 and we can pick it up.

Volunteer Questions

Why should I volunteer?

Many people want to "give back" to the community. Helping others can add purpose and richness to life. Many volunteers like to get out, meet new people, and learn from others. Volunteers who like to read while they wait, and those who love to drive are great for Lend A Hand of Boulder City.

What commitment do I have to make as a volunteer?

Before people commit to volunteering, they must attend a six hour training session to learn about LAHBC and how to serve our clients. They must also have a police background check with fingerprints (at our expense.) There is no daily or weekly time commitment. The volunteers tell us their availability and desired hours and duties.

I'm gone a lot. Can I still be a volunteer?

LAHBC is flexible. Volunteers indicate what kind of service they want to provide and when. We respect volunteers' preferences and other priorities. We appreciate the time they can give. It's okay to say you're not available when we call. When client requests come in, the staff contacts volunteers who match the request.

Who do you serve?

We serve Boulder City residents who are senior citizens (60+ years of age) or disabled. Some need escorted transportation to medical appointments in Las Vegas, others need assistance with local errands, and others need in home companionship or help with tasks. Most are low income.

I'd like to drive, but gas is expensive. Are drivers reimbursed for mileage?

The volunteer may choose to be reimbursed for miles driven. Our current rate is 42 cents per mile.

How long is an average trip or visit?

Services within Boulder City are usually 1-2 hours. Transportation to Las Vegas appointments are 2 hours or more depending on wait time. Sometimes drivers can do personal errands while they wait.

Whose vehicle do I drive?

Drivers use their own vehicles. For those who request, a mileage reimbursement is available to offset the cost of gas. Sometimes a client wants to use his own car (to save the driver expense or for personal comfort), but most volunteers choose to use their own car.